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There are different aspects that can be covered in an individual session depending on what is needed at the time. Everyone, like every evolution, is unique. It is very powerful to respond to what is needed in a specific moments.

While lying on a massage table:

– with specific ‘massage techniques’ I release tensions and transform the released energy and the energy of IHBs

– I verbally guide a relaxation exercise, the three circles of relaxation, evolution towards meditation and the three circles of meditation

While standing and moving

–        I guide you to discover relaxation while standing

–        I move with you so you can feel how you move relaxed

–        I activate and transform your energy so that the internal principles show themselves while sitting and standing. You experience how your Self creates the most optimal posture

–        I move with you so you can experience and feel how you move energetically

–        I ’test’ you so that your energy strengthens and you increasingly allow more of your Self

You discover that you live from your Self powerfully, confidently and free from (unpleasant) circumstances in this society.

Now you are everywhere very pleasantly and constructively present.



During workshops we will go through two parts:

– While lying on a mat, I offer you unique and very specific guidelines to help you rediscover your relaxation and evolve to meditation. You discover your Self and practise staying focused on that, whatever presents itself. Your Self increases while the energy of inherited traumas, habits and beliefs decreases. You become aware of the utmost pleasant movement in stillness.

– I reveal the inner principles that describe when your Self takes care of your posture and your movements. We fully enjoy some simple exercises. You live your daily life from this experience and feeling. We also practice with two which gives extra feedback. We challenge each other to keep standing and moving from your Self even under pressure, to support each other and just because it’s fun.

By increasingly discovering your Self, your energy vibration increases. It is the information of who you are and what is right for you. It is also a movement in itself. The trick then is to let this inner movement drive the physical movement. Continuously experiencing and feeling this means shaping your unique life in the most optimal and pleasant way.



The lectures have a very clear structure so that everyone can follow easily. In accessible language and full with examples from my 30 years of experience, I explain what relaxation really is, why this is necessary to rediscover your true Self and what the specific guidelines are so you know that you move and live from there.
This is needed as a guide to realise that you are on the right track in the blissful exploration of true relaxation and energetic movement.

The lectures can be interactive if there is demand and the space allows participants to perform simple exercises.

A minimum of 1h30min. Especially if it is interactive, if desired, a lecture can easily last up to 3 hours.


23/09/2023, 10:30

Edam, Nederland


De geheimen van ontspannen bewegen.

Dat waar niet over gesproken wordt omdat ze zo voor de hand liggend zijn. Wees niet verrast door de eenvoud, dat maakt het juist zo krachtig.

Waar: B-Balanced, Oosthuizerweg 13, 1135 GH Edam, Nederland
Wanneer: zaterdag 23 september 2023 van 11u30-13.00
Maximum aantal deelnemers: geen maximum
Bijdrage: vrijwillig


Je energie voedt, heelt en beweegt je lichaam.

Yves Verbeeck